Going to the gym can be a gruelling task, especially if you suffer from a lack of motivation. Being prepared is an important part of attending a workout session and forgetting the essentials is always a recipe for a disastrous workout. Here at Fitness Training Solutions, we want your workouts to be the best workout possible, which is why we have put together a list of the essentials you shouldn’t leave at home when visiting the gym…

  1. Those who are very serious about their exercise regime and stick to a specific diet in order to ensure that they gain the results they are looking for will benefit from bringing along a note pad in order to record the activity they are doing. This is will not only help you understand where your workout may be going wrong but will also help you improve.
  2. When we exercise, we sweat which means that it is important to replace the moisture that we are losing. Bringing along a bottle of water is a very important part of working out and many gyms will provide a refill station in the corner to top up your liquids if you run out.
  3. Fitness is not a fashion show and sometimes we have to choose safety over style. If we opt for a pair of trainers that do not correctly protect our feet, we can suffer a serious injury. Your workout kit should always include footwear that is suited for the activity you will be carrying out.

Ensuring that clients are prepared for their workout is something that not many personal trainers take onboard. As part of our gym instructor courses, we help you understand what equipment and advice is required in order to ensure that each and every client is organised for a workout. For more information get in contact with a member of the Fitness Training Solutions team today!