2911, 2014

Weighing out the pros

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Every personal trainer has their own training method of helping their clients achieve their goals. However, with the industry being as competitive as it is, you want to ensure that you are the best there is and tick all the boxes of a successful personal trainer.

Personal trainer courses can teach you all there is to […]

2811, 2014

Sledging your way to becoming a Personal Trainer

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With it being just four weeks until Christmas, you can expect gyms nationwide to be filling up as quickly as Father Christmas fills his belly with mince pies. Of course, January is the busiest time for gyms and the queues for the treadmills have never been so big, but it’s just not the gym equipment […]

2511, 2014

Eating your way through success

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Exercising and keeping fit is one thing, but ensuring you have the right diet is something else. You can exercise one hour every day and only see minor results, but why? Are you eating the right foods? Are you burning calories so you can eat what you want? It’s inevitable that exercise and dieting go […]

2111, 2014

Taking Bradley Wiggins to floor level

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Bradley Wiggins is enough to get anyone motivated about getting onto a bike, whether it’s their first time or 100th time. Of course not everyone owns a bike, unless you live in Holland (everyone has them!), but everyone can sign up to Spin related classes at their local gym and receive the same benefits.


411, 2014

▶ Starting A Personal Training Business – YouTube

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▶ Starting A Personal Training Business – YouTube.