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305, 2016

Personal Training Courses Funding 24+

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At the ripe old age of twenty-four, you may think that you’ve done college, you may have done University and you may have been in a job now for a few years thinking you’re set for life. But what if you’re not happy? What if you’ve floated from job to job since leaving school and […]

2803, 2016

Sugar tax to help fight childhood obesity

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In his latest budget announcement Chancellor George Osbourne declared a sugar tax on soft drinks in a bid to tackle obesity and reduce the strain on NHS resources. Charges will be imposed on drinks depending on the level of sugar they contain, particularly targeting fizzy drinks. Pure fruit juices and milk-based drinks are exempt from […]

1901, 2016

Role of the instructor

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Role of the instructor
As an instructor how would you explain the health and fitness benefits of exercise to a client, with the intention to convince them to take up a regular exercise programme?

As an Instructor it’s important to approach and speak to a client in an appropriate manner, once a bond as been made between […]

508, 2014

Types of Personal Training Certifications

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The fitness field is expanding every year along with the number of highly competent and skilled trainers willing to push an individual’s fitness level to the limit. In most cases, personal trainers are, however, used in clinical settings who work with a high-profile clientele which may include celebrities and pro-level athletes and sportspeople.
In order to […]

508, 2014

How to get certified to become an aerobics instructor

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If you have a love for health and fitness, becoming a fitness instructor may be the next big step to transform your passion into your career. One of the leading fitness routines in the industry is aerobics. In order to be an aerobics instructor, it is crucial that you first attain a certification from any […]

3005, 2014

Fitness Training Courses – YouTube

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Fitness Training Courses – YouTube.