Contrary to belief, there is actually such thing as engaging in ‘too much exercise’ and it can be quite a dangerous occurrence, especially if the exercise is not completed correctly. Here at Fitness Training Solutions, we are here to explain to you the science behind extreme exercise and the dangers that it can cause…

When it comes to exercise, less is more. To hear this should be music to the ears of anyone who regularly works out since not many people know that it is really the quality of your workout that matters and not the amount you carry out. In fact, engaging in too much exercise can be dangerous for our health and long bouts of cardio such as marathon training can be harmful, especially for the heart.

Scientifically, regular exercise provides a whole range of different benefits. From pumping blood around the body more efficiently, activating the immune system and improving our mood; it seems there’s nothing that exercise cannot do. On the flip side, overdosing on exercise or exercising too hard can cause many problems. For example, your body can enter a catabolic state where the tissues start breaking down, you may begin to produce excess amounts of cortisol, a stress hormone, which can contribute to chronic disease, your muscle fibres may develop microscopic tears which may never heal if you continue over exercising and you are at a higher risk of developing insomnia.

Our personal training courses here at Fitness Training Solutions are equipped in order to help you understand what is considered safe exercise and what is considered dangerous exercise. For more information on the type of study included in our courses, contact a member of the Fitness Training Solutions team today!