Here at Fitness Training Solutions, we know all too well how frightening the free weights can be. In fact, the free weights are the reason why gym-goers and exercise fanatics alike stick to classes ran by experienced instructors and the machine weights. Fret not; we’re going to rid you of this fear once and for all by educating you on some of the exercises that can be completed using a whole range of different free weights. In this blog; we’re placing the focus on dumbbells…

Overhead Squat

This exercise serves to increase your mobility and strength. Holding a pair of 10 lb dumbbells above your shoulders with your arms fully extended, begin the move by standing with your feet shoulder width adapt. After this, squat down until your tights are parallel to the ground, driving the force through your heels and returning to the starting position. Do 5 sets of 8 reps.

Seesaw Row

Hold your dumbbells at arm’s length at the sides of your body and step forwards with your left foot, bending your knees and leaning forwards ever so slightly. After this, adopt a rowing motion and row the dumbbell in your right hand, alternating with the left side as the right returns to its starting position. Continue for 4 minutes then repeat the exercise with the left leg forwards.

Push Up Curl

If you’re looking to develop stamina, this exercise is one for you. Assume a push up position with your dumbbells in each hand and ensure that your body creates a straight line before beginning the exercise, then lift the weight in your right hand. After this, curl the bicep, lower it to the floor and complete a push up. Repeat for your left side and continue alternating the exercise.

Free weights rely completely on you as an individual putting them to good use in order to work certain muscles in the body. One of the biggest fears that people have when it comes to dumbbells is being able to carry out a whole range of different exercises without looking out of place on the mats. Thanks to this blog post, you can do exactly that!

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