1.    0% interest on all courses for 12 months.

What better way to kick start your new career with an easy way to pay for your qualification! No strain your purse strings here at FTS, we make things easy for you because we want you to succeed.

2.    Our qualifications are fully accredited by YMCA Awards and are also nationally accredited through CYQ.

They are fully recognised by employers and give you that extra edge over other candidates when it comes to interviews.

3.    We shape you as a whole person, not just a personal trainer.

We want you to do well, we want you to do great things, that’s why we not only train you, teach you and give you a whole new career opportunity, we make sure you’re emotionally and mentally prepared for the challenges and exciting adventures ahead.

4.    Variety of course delivery methods.

We can teach you face to face in one of our centres, we can teach you via distance learning, and we can incorporate e-learning too. We know it isn’t always easy to take on a course of study, so we like to make it manageable for you around your existing commitments.

5.    Individually tailored packages.

We know every learner is different. We know that everyone works at various paces, has things they need to prioritise in life, challenges to overcome on their learning journey, so we make sure that we don’t force square pegs into round holes. We know that not every course we do fits every learner we get through our doors, so we ensure that we tailor the package suit you, the paying client.

6.    Opportunity for an interview at the end of the course.

That’s doesn’t need explaining does it!?

7.    Sites across the nation to suit you.

We know it’s not as simple as hopping in to the car and blatting across to us here in Essex. That’s why we have centres across the UK in which you can receive our course training. We want Fitness Training Solutions courses to be accessible for everyone.

8.    Genuine client testimonials on our website

We have such happy clients that we post their testimonials and reviews on our website for everyone to see. Nothing to hide here at Fitness Training Solutions!

9.    Variety of courses available

We don’t just teach you how to be a personal trainer, we also have kettle bell courses, water fitness courses, all sorts! We want you to have a variety of courses available to you, so that you don’t feel tied down or forced into taking a course you’re not really that into.

10.      Funding for 24+ learners.

We have funding for older learners until July, for the following courses Level 3 diploma in Personal Training

Level 3 diploma in Sports Massage
Level 3 certificate in Personal Training
Level 3 certificate in exercise Referral