2702, 2015

Which country has the best diet?

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Every country has unique diets and foods. The Italians are famous for pizza, pasta dishes and bolognaise sauce; the Greeks are known for their Greek salads, souvlaki kebabs and dolmades (stuffed vine leaves); India fill their dishes with infused fresh spiced dishes; Spain for tapas and we Brits for our Sunday roast dinners, fish and […]

2302, 2015

Sin-free pancakes

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Pancakes are delicious and you can be as creative as you want with them. Some prefer the traditional lemon and sugar, whilst some prefer to add fillings such as fruit and Nutella, then there are those who would much prefer to indulge in a savoury pancake, or even mix sweet and savoury together. You must […]

802, 2015

What goes in your shopping basket?

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What goes in your shopping basket? Can you remember what your parents used to put in their shopping basket when you were a kid? Was it old school items such as corned beef, spam, frozen veg etc…? Our food shopping habits change as the years go on and this can be down to various reasons […]

602, 2015

Extreme BodyPower

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It’s common to want body power and extra strength, a bit like Hercules or like The Mountain from Game of Thrones. Speaking of which, did you hear the world breaking record that Hafthor Bjornsson recently completed? He carried a 650kg log, which was 10 metres long, on his back, walking five steps with it. Five […]