2904, 2015

Taking Indoor Cycling Outdoors | personal training courses

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Indoor cycling classes such as Spin classes are by far one of the most popular and in demand fitness classes in gyms. It helps to strip off fat, tone up and build muscle. With that in mind, gyms nationwide are crying out for more qualified professionals to create, plan and manage these classes, which is […]

2304, 2015

Why the scales aren’t happy | Personal Training Courses

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Losing weight is difficult. It requires determination, motivation and psychological will power. You can cut out certain food groups such as carbs and fats, and to stick to cardio exercise to drop the calories, but it can prove to be a slow process. As a fully qualified health and fitness professional, you’ll understand that weight […]

2104, 2015

Carbs before Marbs | Personal Training Courses

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No, we haven’t missed the word “no” out here. We know Essex’s famous slogan is “No Carbs before Marbs”, but cutting out carbs from your diet can cause more health problems and encourage your body to put on weight. You’ll be aware of the importance that all food groups carry including fats and carbohydrates, and […]

1504, 2015

Just one month to go…. | personal training courses

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It’s just one month until the BodyPower Expo show and Fitness Training Solutions can’t wait to attend for yet another year. For those who aren’t familiar with BodyPower Expo, it’s the most renowned exhibition within the health and fitness industry, and its ideal for those starting their personal training courses.

Fitness Training Solutions will be at […]

1504, 2015

How do you advertise your services?

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What do you do to advertise your personal trainer services? Do you keep your friends on Facebook, and followers on Twitter and Instagram updated with your progress during the personal training courses? If not, maybe you should – it’s free advertising after all.

Once you become a fully qualified personal trainer, you become a businessman/woman. You […]

1304, 2015

Clenching the thirst with diet coke

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Do you grab a can of diet coke to clench your thirst? It’s satisfying and guilt free isn’t it? We don’t want to dampen the mood here, but the no-calorie drink may be adding secret, unwanted weight to the waistline. Of course, diet coke is never going to be 100% healthy for you as you’re […]

1004, 2015

Top tips for marathon days

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Marathon season is approaching and two of the big marathon events are set to take place this month; the Greater Manchester Marathon 19th April and the London Marathon 26th April. With all the training that you’ve done and all the training you’ve helped your clients with, it’s important to not let the hard work got […]

104, 2015

Let me see you work it!

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Circuit training is one of the most effective forms of exercising and has remained a popular gym class, plus it’s a great way to introduce fitness into any workout regime. Fitness Training Solutions provides a high quality circuit training fitness course, which is available for those who wish to advance their current fitness qualifications and […]