2307, 2015

When the tubes are busy – Personal Trainer Courses

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Living in the south-end of the country, we know how frustrating the tube can be during rush hour and I suppose walking to the desired stop hasn’t crossed your mind. But did you know that you can burn off a decent amount of calories walking instead of tubing it? Granted that the distance between some […]

2207, 2015

Taking the stairs

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We should opt for taking the stairs instead of the lift (of course there are exceptions). Walking (or running) up stairs is an effective workout and a great calorie burner, and the more stairs you climb, the harder it gets. I remember when I was at Uni and one my classes was on the 11th […]

2107, 2015

Banquet Vending Machines – Personal Training Courses

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Vending machines can be found in almost every building. They’re a quick and easy way to get a snack or drink – unless your chosen item gets stuck! But how would you feel about vending machines selling fresh hot and cold meals for you instead of your everyday snacks? This may sound odd and I […]

1607, 2015

The benefits of TRX training – Personal Training Courses

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Looking at TRX equipment, it can look daunting and scary to people who have never used it before, but everyone over at Fitness Training Solutions absolutely loves Suspension Training and we think you should register on our Suspension Training course.

Did you know that Suspension Training weighs heavy in benefits? They are the perfect exercise technique […]

1607, 2015

The McChicken Weetabix – Personal Training Courses

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We all know that eating fast food and takeaways on a regular basis can cause harmful damage to your body, as well as pile on the pounds before you’ve even finished your meal. We can’t hide away from the increasing obesity numbers, but we can unite to do something about it. First up, is registering […]

1407, 2015

A fitness regime that sticks – Personal Training Courses

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We all know that the hardest part of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is sticking to it. The last thing we want it to feel like is a chore. It should be a hobby and part of your weekly routine that means it’s hard for you to break it. Of course it can take […]

907, 2015

Health and fitness isn’t just for summer… – Personal Trainer Courses

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It’s for all year round.

It’s natural that leading up to the summer months people are eager to lose weight and tone up ready for their holiday. Same with Christmas really, people automatically get into the “burning the post-Christmas/ New Year calories” mode. But why crash diet for just a few weeks to achieve short-term […]

607, 2015

The unknown processed foods – Personal Trainer Courses

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Processed foods have an “unhealthy, stay away from me” stamp on them, but not all processed foods are bad for you. OK, so this obviously doesn’t mean that you should sprint to the shops and buy a basket full of ready meals, or stack up on bacon and sausages for a butty! When you think […]