2902, 2016

Mental Illness

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There’s no question that mental illness is a very real thing. It’s irresponsible to say depression, anxiety and stress don’t exist or that they aren’t really illnesses just because they don’t leave a visible scar or wound or because the person suffering doesn’t have an obvious outward ailment. Mental illness affects around one in four […]

2102, 2016

Is your mind holding your body back?

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Mind over matter is an age old idiom that has been used in a variety of different situations; overcoming fears, trying new things and of course, exercising.

Despite this saying being, quite frankly, overused it actually holds some truth. Your mind is the most powerful muscle in your body and it affects you in more ways […]

1902, 2016

Mighty Mum Power!

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How many times have you heard conversations about or seen in the news that more and more mothers are in need of child friendly hours or work? Times have changed as well as policy, however there are still many more changes needed in the workplace and regarding employment law to be made for women to […]

802, 2016

Couples Who Train Together, Stay Together

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For some people the thought of their partner seeing them sweaty and red faced is terrifying. They think that they look unattractive, not sexy. The truth is, when you’ve just completed a work out is when you’re most attractive. You’ve shown determination, stamina, drive, you’ve carried on cycling or rowing or lifting those weights even […]