3103, 2016

Wearable Tech: Fitness Trackers

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Exploding onto the market in 2014, wearable technology has had its hits and misses. Wearable technology, or wearable tech, comprises of such things as smart watches which link to your phone and headsets for gaming however one strand of wearable tech that isn’t disappearing any time soon is the fitness tracker. Used to keep a […]

2803, 2016

Sugar tax to help fight childhood obesity

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In his latest budget announcement Chancellor George Osbourne declared a sugar tax on soft drinks in a bid to tackle obesity and reduce the strain on NHS resources. Charges will be imposed on drinks depending on the level of sugar they contain, particularly targeting fizzy drinks. Pure fruit juices and milk-based drinks are exempt from […]

2503, 2016

Sports Massage Courses

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It isn’t just personal training courses relating to exercise we specialise in here at Fitness Training Solutions, we also offer sports massage courses. Our Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage is fantastic because it allows you, once qualified, to register with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. You can start up your own business as […]

2403, 2016

World Power Expo

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This year Fitness Training Solutions are exhibiting our full range of courses at the 2016 World Power Expo at the ExCel London, a leading new show for fitness, training and health professionals and enthusiasts alike from around the world. Over two incredible days, the World Power Expo aims to deliver entertainment from celebrity attendees and […]

1703, 2016

Exercise shown to combat psychotic episodes

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Exercise shown to combat psychotic episodes
Exercise has long been heralded as a way to combat depression, and now, a new study has found that exercise also significantly reduces the number of delusions and hallucinations in young people with psychosis.

The study, which was devised by researchers at the University of Manchester, found that partaking in an […]

1603, 2016

Training People with Disabilities

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Training People with Disabilities
Here at Fitness Training Solutions we offer many different personal training courses through our expert tuition and study materials. We make sure our students have the most up to date and thorough knowledge, skills and creativity to enable them to be the best they can be when it comes to their career […]

1503, 2016

Working with Pregnant Clients

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As a gym instructor working with a pregnant woman on fitness and health, it is absolutely imperative that you watch your client for any signs or cues, and know what to do when you see those signs or cues. Largely, a fitness regime for a pregnant woman will be based on her goals and her […]

1103, 2016

Gym Instructor Courses for School Leavers

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Too often teenagers can be railroaded into thinking they need to complete GCSE’s to a certain standard to get ahead in life. Every child is different and those different children grow into different teenagers with different dreams, different ideas and values, and those differences apply to levels of educational attainment too. Educators and teachers have […]

1003, 2016

Exercises to combat lower back pain

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Lower back pain is one of the most common types of back pain a person can have throughout their lifetime. Usually the cause is not due to a specific injury or any traumatic force, it’s more often than not, to do with a person’s lifestyle. For example, sitting at a desk for long periods of […]

903, 2016

Personal Training Children and Young People

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As a personal trainer you are responsible for the safety of your client whilst they are working out and training their bodies into a healthier way of life. You must ensure that your client understands what achieving their goals entails, how you mean to help them achieve it, what they must do and what they […]