2804, 2016

Funniest questions that personal trainers have been asked

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Working with the amount of clients that personal trainers see on a weekly basis, it’s only expected that they’re going to have some funny stories to tell. When you’re learning something new, there’s no such thing as a stupid question, but that’s not to say some of them won’t be pretty funny. We’ve gathered some […]

2504, 2016

10 Reasons to Choose Fitness Training Solutions

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1.    0% interest on all courses for 12 months.
What better way to kick start your new career with an easy way to pay for your qualification! No strain your purse strings here at FTS, we make things easy for you because we want you to succeed.
2.    Our qualifications are fully accredited by YMCA Awards and […]

1804, 2016

Personal Trainers on the NHS

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The latest attempt to tackle Britain’s obesity problem is to offer those deemed at high risk a course of educational classes mixed with exercise to combat their unhealthy eating habits and help them shed the pounds on the NHS. Obesity has been referred to as ‘Britain’s biggest health challenge’ and the NHS is already feeling the pressure thanks to ever expanding waistlines and weight related health issues such as Type 2 diabetes. The NHS, while playing a hugely important and prominent part in the battle against Britain’s weight problems, needs to do more and the way they see fit to do this is by offering these classes and support programmes to individuals classed as high risk by their GP or doctor. The money our country spends on police and fire services combined is less than the money spent on weight related health problems, which is quite shocking.


1404, 2016

Food for a Fitness Workout

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Everyone wants to do well when they commit to a work out regime, and so they try to eat well and consume the right foods. Trick is, if you’re doing these fitness regimes alone it can be difficult to know what to do for the best, or even to know where to start. You may […]

1404, 2016

Treating shoulder pain through exercise

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Shoulder pain is a relatively common problem; about three in 10 adults are affected by them at any one time, and there are a multitude of causes. Rather than being an isolated problem in itself, shoulder pain is often merely a symptom of a larger problem. The most common reasons behind shoulder pain include:

poor posture
frozen […]

804, 2016

Tackling diabetes through personal trainers

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With Britain now the second fattest nation in Europe, 25% of adults are classed as obese and it is putting a real strain on the NHS. There are many conditions associated with being significantly overweight, with Type 2 diabetes alone costing the NHS around £10bn per year. With the NHS spending a tenth of its […]

804, 2016

Fitness for All Weather!

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Being a personal trainer has so many benefits as our blog discusses as the weeks go on. The hours you can work that suit you, the health benefits to yourself as well as your clients, the versatility of your job, it all adds up to an amazing career package. The thing is too, you can […]

604, 2016

Army changing its front line fitness tests to accommodate women

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For years, women in the army have campaigned to be able to serve on the front line along with their male comrades. Well, the army is now re-writing the fitness tests it uses to determine who qualifies for front line duty, to give women a fair chance of doing so.

The rules will be changed this […]