2807, 2016

Pokémon Go is making people go

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Here at Fitness Training Solutions, we’re a fan of anything that gets people out and about, and moving. So, of course, we were delighted when we heard about the phenomenon that is Pokémon Go!

Now computer games sometimes get a bad rep as they are usually associated with people sitting indoors all day, not getting any […]

2607, 2016

Weight management

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Many people all across the world struggle with their weight. For some, it’s due to another health issue that causes them to gain weight; some people have eating disorders that are symptoms of a larger issue such as depression; and others simply don’t have an understanding of nutrition.

Whatever the reason for the struggle, it’s important […]

2107, 2016

How personal trainers can stand out from the pack

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Being a personal trainer is such a rewarding and satisfying career path but at the minute, the market is so saturated that it takes special skills and experience for a trainer to really make themselves stand out from the crowd.

That’s why here at Fitness Training Solutions we have a wealth of specialised courses that established […]

2007, 2016

Why we’ve gone kettlebell krazy

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Kettlebells are now a staple of a typical gym room but so many people avoid using them as they’re either unsure how to incorporate them into a workout or how they can benefit from them.

Well, it’s lucky that here at Fitness Training Solutions that we’ve got the low down on kettlebells and why you should […]

1407, 2016

The art of sports massage

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Whilst many people have most likely enjoyed a relaxing massage whilst at a spa, at some point in their lives, a sports massage is a different thing entirely.

A sports massage, sometimes referred to as a deep tissue massage, does more than just leave the recipient with a feeling of relaxation; it is a healing experience […]

807, 2016

What Your Personal Trainer Wishes They Could Tell You

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Despite the fact that yes, you do pay your personal trainer for their services, this does not give you license to disregard them, ignore them, or lie to them. An adult you may be, and school the gym is not, but you hired a trainer because you wanted to see results, yes? So why are […]

507, 2016

How to spot the signs of exercise addiction

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Regular exercise is extremely good for you. Exercise keeps fitness levels up, is a great way to stay toned and lithe, it helps you lose fat, it has been linked to helping with depression, it’s great for all the systems in the body, it releases feel good chemicals and it can help you sleep better […]

107, 2016

Tennis elbow – exercises to help

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Despite what the name suggests, you don’t actually have to play tennis to acquire Tennis Elbow. The official name for the condition is lateral epicondylitis, and occurs when the tendons and muscles near the forearms become strained through overuse. This can cause quite a bit of pain when attempting a range of actions such as:


107, 2016

Turn your hobby into a career

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Some people find it difficult to choose a career path and that’s okay; it just means that it takes them a little more time than others to figure out what they want from life. One of the ways you can work out what you want to do with your life is by looking at what […]