2803, 2017

Top Tips For Working Out in Warm Weather

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The clocks have gone forwards and, out of nowhere, the UK is being greeted with some spells of sunshine. Although the weather hasn’t reached peak temperatures yet, that won’t stop us Brits relishing in whatever bouts of warmth we can get our hands on. Here are our top tips for working out as the weather […]

2403, 2017

What Not To Do in the Gym

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If you are fairly new to the gym, sometimes it can become confusing what you should and should not do. In fact, sometimes regular visitors to the gym need reminding what is considered etiquette and what isn’t. Here are a few tips on things you should avoid doing when you visit your local gym…

A […]

2203, 2017

The Lowdown on your 5 a Day

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Fruit and vegetables always seem to be in the news so we are constantly being told what to eat and what not to eat. It’s time the record was set straight. Here at Fitness Training Solutions, we recognise that a healthy diet is an integral part of maintaining a fitness regime- however it can become […]

2103, 2017

Get Yourself In Shape Ready For The Summer!

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As hard as you may find this to believe, we’re already in the middle of March and the weather is starting to turn an awful lot brighter. This means that it won’t be long now until you’re clawing at the items in your wardrobe as you try to find that summer dress or pair of […]

1003, 2017

2 Gym Myths Busted

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The world of fitness is perhaps the biggest industry around and subsequently, it is also considered the industry that is filled with the most myths. This is because many people consider themselves a professional in the industry after having stepped inside a gym for five minutes. Here at Fitness Training Solutions, we’re going to bust […]

903, 2017

Tips For Building Muscle

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The ability to build muscle mass depends on two very important factors; your exercise regime and the food you eat. In the world of fitness, you cannot have one without the other. Here at Fitness Training Solutions, we’ve put together our top tips for ensure that you do everything you can in order to achieve […]

203, 2017

What to Eat Before and After a Workout

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What we eat provides the fuel necessary for our bodies to carry out basic functions. In fact, the reason we must maintain a healthy and balanced diet is to ensure that we are able to carry out bodily functions to the highest standard. Even tasks such as blinking, digestion and talking require energy and we […]