2605, 2017

How to Get More Out Of Your Gym Time

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Whether you fall into the dedicated attendee or missing motivation gym category, there is always a way we can try to get more out of our gym sessions. Perhaps we didn’t try hard enough or maybe our routine needs shaking up a little- however the team here at Fitness Training Solutions always believe that there […]

2405, 2017

How to Make Pancakes Healthier

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Pancakes are a breakfast food that we have been enjoying for many years. In fact, the invention of pancakes is said to date all the way back to Ancient Greece! With the variety of cultures we have in the world, it’s no wonder that pancakes tend to differ in taste and appearance depending on location. […]

1805, 2017

Diseases That Exercise Can Help Prevent

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Exercising is a hard enough task without having to take into consideration the range of different health conditions we may have the possibility of developing. In fact, it is even harder to exercise with these health conditions which is why we should actively seek to lower our chances. Here at Fitness Training Solutions, we are […]

1705, 2017

Benefits of the Gym

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Going to the gym can be a gruelling task unless you have a lifetime supply of energy and motivation. Not only do we have to convince ourselves to actually get to the gym, we have to then talk ourselves into making the workout experience there worth the money that a membership costs. In this blog, […]

1205, 2017

Summer Body Tips

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Spring is in full swing and the weather has finally started to brighten up which means that the summer heatwave is not too far around the corner. With this in mind, the team here at Fitness Training Solutions have decided that there is no time like the present to prepare your body for the heat […]

405, 2017

Diet vs Exercise

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There is a common misunderstanding regarding the relationship between diet and exercise when it comes to fitness. Many people believe that as long as you do adequate exercise, the food you eat does not matter, and to some degree this is correct. Those who do not have a particular goal such as weight loss or […]

305, 2017

Weird Things Your Body Does When You Run a Marathon

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On the 23rd of April 2017, around 50,000 runners made their way into London to take place in what could arguably be dubbed the most talked about and anticipated fitness activity of the year. Running a marathon is as much of a mental challenge as it is a physical challenge and, here at Fitness Training […]