2807, 2017

Meals on Wheels: On-the-go Cycling Nutrition

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With le tour de France fever gripping the nation, amateur cyclists will be preparing for cycling sportives across the UK. We know that our diet plays a huge part in performance and what we eat before and after long training rides and competitive sportives can really make the difference. With long rides cyclists need to […]

2807, 2017

Get Yourself Fit For The Football Season!

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August is already waiting for us just around the corner, and that means two very important things: first of all, the summer is coming to an end and, secondly, the football season is almost upon us once again. It seems just like Chelsea were lifting the Premier League trophy only yesterday, but clubs all over […]

2407, 2017

Why Healthy Eating is Difficult

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Whilst a small amount of the population are able to begin a new diet or healthy eating regime and stick to it without fail, it’s safe to say that the majority of those who try to adjust their eating habit fail within the first week. Here at Fitness Training Solutions, we know how hard it […]

2107, 2017

Exercising When You’re Ill

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Taking part in a workout is difficult enough without having to compete with an illness at the same time. Some people take the occurrence of illness as an excuse to skip a few workouts whilst others push through the worst in order to stick to their goals. Whichever category you fall into, the team here […]

1207, 2017

Staying Motivated on a Rainy Day

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Summer in England isn’t exactly the most trustworthy weather which means that we often have spells of sun in-between endless days of miserable rainy downpours. Here at Fitness Training Solutions, we know first-hand how much of a mood kill these abrupt weather changes can be which is why we’ve put together a few ways to […]

1007, 2017

Top Heathy Summer Foods

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Summer has arrived and all the products and promotions are in full swing! From expensive sun cream to busy British beaches, there’s no better way to spend summer when you’re from the UK. As well as this, it’s also important to remember that summer also brings along fresh produce season where you can enjoy an […]

1007, 2017

Top Cycling Tips

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Everybody remembers their first experience learning to ride a bike and more often than not, everybody can also recall the amount of times they’ve fallen off during the whole process. Luckily, the enjoyment of cycling can be experienced by anyone! Whether you’re young or old, a beginner or a pro, athletic or a former couch […]