2408, 2017

3 Exceptions Where You Shouldn’t Exercise

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There are some fitness fanatics that consider missing a workout the equivalent of sinning. After all, exercise is a way of life for certain individuals. Despite this, there are some exceptions where it is understandable to miss a workout and since we prioritise health and safety above anything else here at Fitness Training Solutions, we’re […]

2308, 2017

Our Upcoming Courses: All You Need To Know

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Here at Fitness Training Solutions, we are always working hard in order to keep our readers and potential clients in the loop, especially when it comes to our courses, which is why we have decided to dedicated this blog post to two of our newest taking place over the next couple of months. After all, […]

1808, 2017

Why You Should Join The Gym

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Plucking up the courage to join the gym can be difficult. After all, nobody wants to finish a day at work then drag themselves to a workout immediately afterwards, and it is far easier to spend your time curled up in front of the sofa watching the newest episode of your favourite TV series instead.

Here […]

1608, 2017

Top Swimming Myths

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Here at Fitness Training Solutions, we are firm believers that there is not one true way to exercise. In fact, there are a whole range of different methods that people can adopt in order to achieve their ultimate fitness goal. Whether you like to visit the gym, run, cycle or attend a dance class, you’re […]

1108, 2017

10 Pound Dumbbell Exercises

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Here at Fitness Training Solutions, we know all too well how frightening the free weights can be. In fact, the free weights are the reason why gym-goers and exercise fanatics alike stick to classes ran by experienced instructors and the machine weights. Fret not; we’re going to rid you of this fear once and for […]

1108, 2017

Top Gym Related Secrets

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The gym is a place of mystery and secrecy. In fact, some people believe that it’s hard to say what exactly goes on inside a gym that inspire people to attended to regularly. Here at Fitness Training Solutions, we are tired of the façade surrounding the idea of attending the gym which is why we […]

708, 2017

Outdoor swimming: A beginners guide

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There are benefits to being an Islander. Here in the UK we are blessed with an abundance of beaches with great access to the sea. On the most part we are never too far from the ocean, whether it be the shores on the Atlantic coast or the shivering inducing waters of the North sea […]

108, 2017

Making Exercise More Interesting

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Unless you are one of those super-human individuals who have enough motivation to work-out to last a lifetime, it’s safe to stay that exercising can become something of a chore- particularly after a hard day at work. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be like that! The team here at Fitness Training Solutions are committed to […]