You may well have seen these 24 hour gyms popping up across the nation offering cheap memberships and deals if you sign up within a certain amount of time. For a lot of people this is great, thanks in no part to changing employment hours and the differing job roles available these days. People need services like a local gym available when they need it, and society demands fast things; fast food, fast internet, fast cars. When we want something we want it then and there, and that’s why 24 hour gyms are so popular.

When you take one of the personal trainer courses that we offer here at Fitness Training Solutions this new surge of 24 hour fitness centres is definitely something to consider. Think of the extra money you could earn when people are wanting a service at unsociable hours; if you can manage it, you could even do a training session at 2am! Personal training courses offer you the flexibility to work your own hours and be your own boss, you can work around childcare, other commitments or hobbies, and you can earn money how and when you choose. Once you complete one of our personal training courses we’ll help you find the perfect job and make sure you’ve got that edge over other candidates. That’s why we’re one of the best around for personal trainer courses. We go that extra mile.

With 24 hour gyms you may find your clientele base differs. You might find that your clients are very overweight, shy or older. This is likely to be because people who are uncomfortable with how they look and who are embarrassed about their bodies might think gyms will be quieter later on in the evenings and therefore less likely to be ridiculed by other gym goers. You could find yourself training business men, delivery drivers, call centre workers, students, emergency service personnel, writers, nurses but not likely to train teachers, childminders, mums and receptionists for example. It depends on a person’s work hours but once you’ve completed one of the personal trainer courses with us you’ll be free to work whenever you want!