There are some fitness fanatics that consider missing a workout the equivalent of sinning. After all, exercise is a way of life for certain individuals. Despite this, there are some exceptions where it is understandable to miss a workout and since we prioritise health and safety above anything else here at Fitness Training Solutions, we’re going to go over the top three…

You Have the Flu

The flu takes everything you have and even more and leaves you bed ridden for several days which is why going to the gym and working out is the worst thing you can possibly do. Although you may be told that a good work out will help ‘sweat’ away the illness, you will only injure yourself or make yourself even more ill. During the flu you are also prone to developing serious conditions like pneumonia so getting a lot of rest should be a priority.

You Have an Injury

Sometimes we presume that we can drag ourselves to the gym and complete a work out that does not require the injured part of our body however we will unknowingly place weight on this injury and make it worse. It is especially important that you do not workout with an ankle or leg injury because they are needed to balance and complete cardio and a back injury can lead to hospitalisation if you do not give it time to recover before doing your next workout.

You Are Pregnant

Although it is generally fine to exercise during pregnancy, there are some women who are advised against carrying out aerobic exercise when they have certain conditions. These including but are not limited to lung or heart disease, placenta previa after 26 weeks (when the placenta lies low within the uterus), persistent episodes of bleeding during the second or third trimester or severe anaemia. This is because working out can lead to certain complication and put both mother and baby at risk.

As disappointing as it may feel to skip a workout, especially when you have just managed to get yourself into a routine, you should always put certain things above going to the gym, including the three we have listed above. One important aspect of being a good personal trainer is being able to tell a client that they are not fit to work out. For more information about our personal training courses, get in contact with a member of the FTS team today!