Let’s be honest; there are hundreds of myths about personal trainers which constantly circulate the web. The idea that personal trainers are professional health gurus and that they can do nothing wrong is just one of these crazy myths.

In fact, personal trainers are normal people and they certainly aren’t perfect. They cheat their diet, skip a workout every now and then and spend more time than we think studying health and fitness so they can successfully train others. Here are 5 personal trainer myths…

Myth: They eat healthy all the time

Probably the most common myth regarding personal trainers is the idea that they eat healthy all day, every day. It is true that they are conscious of their food choices; however they will not restrict themselves to a tough and strict diet. It’s all about balance and moderation with the casual sweet reward every now and then.

Myth: They workout everyday

Training every day would be counterproductive. Even personal trainers need time to rest their bodies and allow it to recover from intense exercise. This is why PT’s will not work out with a client and, instead, offer guidance and tips whilst the client completes the workout. Most personal trainers will leave 1-2 days between their workouts as a recovery period.

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