Here at Fitness Training Solutions, we are the first to admit that there are many myths surrounding the persona of a personal trainer. Ideas are spread like wildfire that these people are superhuman beings that exercise all the time and never cheat on their diet. This ultimately makes it difficult for the everyday exercise-avoider to decide whether a personal trainer is right for them or not. Here are 3 more myths we’ve busted…

Myth: Personal trainers are consumed by fitness

There’s a thin line between passion and obsession when it comes to personal training. It is true to say that some personal trainers may appear to be obsessed; however, what we, as outsiders, are simply viewing is their passion. We have to remember that these people have chosen fitness as a career and to dedicate yourself to something so challenging, it helps to be passionate about it.

Myth: They never struggle with their weight

When we imagine a personal trainer, we immediately picture images of perfectly toned and muscular bodies- however, just because this stereotype is popular, it doesn’t mean that a personal trainer may not have struggled with their weight in the past.

Myth: Injuries never happen to a personal trainer

Contrary to belief, personal trainers are more susceptible to injuries because they are always on their feet. It is hard to imagine someone so engulfed in the correct way to workout being injured; however accidents happen and it is common for a personal trainer to injure themselves, usually due to overuse.

Isn’t it good to know that the myths about personal trainers you’ve believed were true for so long have been busted? If you’re looking to turn a passion for fitness into a career, enrol on one of our personal training courses today!