So you’ve decided that the time is right and you are ready to make a commitment to your health and fitness? Great! One of the most important things to remember when it comes to exercising after a prolonged period is ensuring that you do not jump in feet-first without being aware of the correct way to carry out any new movements. Following the ear piecing ‘ouch’ you make, usually emerges a workout related injury which forces you to put your health and fitness plans on hold. Well fret not, here are 6 ways to avoid workout injuries…

  1. Know your body and be aware of its limitations. Many people dive into a new sport and do not take it easy until they have become accustomed to all that it entails. This usually leads to an injury. Being aware how far you can push yourself makes it less likely for an injury to occur.
  1. Gender is a very important aspect when it comes to exercise as both men and women have gender related issues which sets them up for injuries when they get round to trying specific workouts. Of course, this doesn’t mean either gender cannot do these exercises, however it is good to know which could be problematic for your gender and work on them gradually.
  1. If you’re especially new to exercise, it may be best to hire a professional. Personal trainers are taught everything they know and when it comes to what movements can cause an injury or strain, they will be more than happy to push you in the right direction.

Do you think you could help clients avoid workout related injuries? Luckily for you, our fitness instructor courses are excellent at training people just like you how to do just this! Get in contact with Fitness Training Solutions today to find out more information, and remember to check back for part two of this two part blog series for our final 3 tips!