We all know that the hardest part of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is sticking to it. The last thing we want it to feel like is a chore. It should be a hobby and part of your weekly routine that means it’s hard for you to break it. Of course it can take a while for someone to get into a habit of exercising and sometimes they just need some guidance and a helping hand from a professional – this person could be once you’ve qualified from our personal trainer courses!

It’s predictable that so many fitness enthusiasts join the gym during the summer months, during the festive season and in January. And with gym members rapidly increasing, gyms are screaming out for qualified fitness professionals, which is why you shouldn’t hesitate in signing up for our personal trainer courses such as the Advanced Personal Trainer Diploma or the Level 3 Personal Trainer course.

A recent study completed at King’s College London identified the difference between the “instigation habit” and the “execution habit”. The instigation habit is what triggers you to exercise and the execution habit is the type of exercise routine you will complete. Trigger cues can include anything from changing your routine after work to go home so you go past the gym, changing into your gym clothes at work, booking on to a gym class or setting your alarm in the morning to go running, cycling or the gym etc… 118 adults who participated in the study identified the strength of their instigation and execution habit. The results revealed that 25% of the adults were overweight/obese, 5% had never exercised and 50% regularly exercise within a 12 month period.

The results also highlighted that the execution habit showed no effect on their exercise frequency once the participants had their instigation habit under control. Their instigation habit had increased their overall physical activity and they even began exercising without thinking about it. This is the mind-set that everyone should be at and our personal trainer courses will teach how you to successfully engage with your clients to ensure that they’re sticking to their exercise habit. So get your Level 3 Personal Trainer course and Advanced Personal Trainer Diploma qualifications with us today!

Ask yourself these questions; How would you engage with your clients to ensure that their instigation habit remains strong? What can you do to stand out from other personal trainers? Allow Fitness Training Solutions to help. Register on our Level 3 Personal Trainer course or our Advanced Personal Trainer Diploma course today to get the ball rolling. Or contact the team for more information about any of our personal trainer courses today and let us help you in taking the first step into a successful career as a fitness professional.