Personal Trainer Courses

Pregnancy should be one of the most enjoyable and exciting experiences women can go through. Every minute is precious and every day that goes by, your baby is growing and developing, and with this in mind, we can’t stress the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout the 9 months for both the mother-to-be and the baby. If you agree, then you should book onto our Level 3 Ante Natal & Post Natal course.

It’s natural that woman will put on weight during pregnancy as the baby grows, but it’s important to keep the weight gain healthy and avoid the “I’m eating for two” attitude, because too much weight gain could result in high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. There’s also a chance that the baby could be born obese and it could also increase the chance of having a C-section birth. If you wanted to become a specialist health and fitness professional, and you’ve already achieved your qualifications from our personal trainer courses, then we can’t recommend our Level 3 Ante Natal & Post Natal course enough.

The Level 3 Ante Natal and Post Natal course will develop your knowledge and teach you how to successfully and effectively manage these specialist fitness classes, which will be tailored to the woman’s pregnancy development and specific needs. You will also be able to encourage your pregnant clients to maintain a healthy diet that consists of consuming a range of nutrients to help with the baby’s growth and development. With the right health and fitness plan, it will help to influence a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy.

Any exercise should be done in moderation, especially when the pregnancy has hit the half way mark. Effective and safe exercises can include walking, aerobics and Pilates, but you’ll understand more and be able to create a tailored plan during our Level 3 Ante Natal & Post Natal course. Plus, by maintaining this attitude throughout the pregnancy, it means the mother will find it easier to lose any post-pregnancy weight.

Of course, you shouldn’t just have this healthy attitude when pregnant, healthy eating and exercising should be part of everyone’s day to day life.

If you want to become a specialist health and fitness professional, why don’t you contact Fitness Training Solutions for more information about our Level 3 Ante Natal & Post Natal course, or about any of our other personal trainer courses?