Personal Training Courses

So you’re spending hours at the gym, going running on the weekends and yet you’re still not losing weight? It does get frustrating when you’re working up a sweat but don’t seem to be getting anywhere with it, so what do you do? What are you doing outside of the gym environment? What are your eating habits like? What is your exercise regime like? These are all questions that you should be asking your existing and potential clients and FTS’ personal training courses will explain why.

A common attitude that you’ll come across is “compensating” the work-out session by tucking away at a post-exercise snack or a takeaway because you’ve “earned it”. Rewarding yourself after a work-out with something unhealthy, however, is always going to cancel out the calories and fat burnt which in-turn means you’ll putting yourself firmly back to square one. As a fully qualified personal trainer, it will be your job to keep your clients on the wagon and ensure that they’re achieving their goals. Of course, you’re not expected to move in with them to keep an eye on their eating habits behind closed doors, but our personal training courses will give you a few handy tips to take away with you.

Personal Training CoursesA recent research found that those who exercised regularly including participating in three treadmill sessions per week, but stuck to their existing diet plan failed to lose weight and 70% of the 81 participants inherited more body fat. There are debatable reasons as to why this happened, but what are your first thoughts? Does it go back to the self-reward motto of “I’ve burnt off 1000 calories therefore can I eat afford to indulge in a takeaway or a slice of cake?” A self-reward is good here and there, but it should be saved or limited, and not after every work-out!

During our personal training courses, you’ll understand the importance of combining a variety of exercises including cardio, weights and High Intense Training (HIT) into a regime, and more importantly, balancing the scales with a healthy diet. If you encourage your clients with a positive and motivated attitude to hit their goal targets, and help keep them on the bandwagon with a “can do” attitude, your clients will be singing your praises. It would be a shame to let them cancel out all of their hard work for an unhealthy treat.

If becoming a personal trainer is a career that you desire and you’re passionate about health and fitness then make sure you contact Fitness Training Solutions today for more information about our personal training courses.