Taking that first step towards joining the gym can be difficult, especially if you are a beginner. After all, nothing is worse than entering an environment for the first time only to discover that you really don’t fit in. Fret not, the team here at Fitness Training Solutions have got you covered! In order to make the gym a more inclusive activity, we’ve decided to put together a guide perfect for beginners! If that’s you, read on to find out more…

Mind Over Matter

It is not uncommon to allow our mind to rule what we actually do. In fact, if you have found yourself convinced not to do something after worrying about what people will think, whether you’ll be doing things incorrectly and if you’ll look out of place then you have already failed at the first hurdle. In order to engage in exercise and fitness you have to control your mind and thoughts or else you will never try anything new.

Start Simple

You shouldn’t expect to go into a gym for the first time and start lifting heavy weights. Not only is this unrealistic, it will make you terrified at the thought of that first ever session. Start simple by doing what you know. Cardio is a great way to kick off your session since everyone usually knows how to operate these machines.

Make Your Way Around

Once you have figured out where everything is and how that particular gym operates, it is a great idea to make your way around the studio. This way you are able to check out which machines you enjoy rather than overwhelming yourself.

Now you know how to tackle your very first gym experience, it’s time to put on the trainers and get going. After all, there is nothing worse than putting off the inevitable and one day you will have to face the music and go –  why not make today that day?! As part of our gym instructor courses, we teach you how to respond to clients that aren’t yet comfortable in a gym environment. For more information, contact a member of the Fitness Training Solutions team today!