Statistics state that around 70% of workers do not like or enjoy their job. In fact, over 60% of these are often too afraid to make a career that could truly reshape their life once and for all. Here at Fitness Training Solutions we are committed to helping regular people with an interest in the world of fitness turn their hobby into a career and there are some amazing benefits that your typical 9-5 doesn’t offer…

Be Your Own Boss

Becoming a personal trainer means that you have complete control over your working life and effectively become your own boss! That’s means deciding your working hours, who you work with and where you work. Of course, there is also the opportunity to be hired by a gym as a regular personal trainer which doesn’t give you as much flexibility however the idea is that you can choose which path you want to go down.

Help Others

If you enjoy helping people or would like a career that specialises in dealing with people, then personal training is the job you have been looking for. After all, as a personal trainer you will be around people all the time and can help them improve their fitness, confidence and lifestyle.

Learn on the Job

Some careers do not offer the opportunity to learn as you work however with personal training every day is a new experience which means that you can expand your knowledge of the industry in ways you never imagined. In fact, there is nothing more thrilling that constantly learning about a topic you enjoy.

Here at Fitness Training Solutions we love introducing the population to the opportunities that personal training courses can offer. After all, it can be a complete career change that allows you to take control of your life and do something you enjoy. To find out more information about what it takes to become a personal trainer get in contact with a member of the FTS team today!