2511, 2017

Cold Weather Fitness and Your Health

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It is easy to get into a regular exercise schedule during summer when the nights are lighter and the weather is warmer however as soon as winter comes around it is not uncommon for people to completely abandon their routine. Those who decide to stick with it however will have to face the brutality of […]

2311, 2017

What NOT To Do After The Gym

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For some people going to gym is a part of routine and does not require much effort however for others it can be the most gruelling task completed all day. In fact, many people think that attending the gym deserves a reward and whilst it is a great achievement turning up you may be unconsciously […]

1711, 2017

A Carbs Really the Enemy?

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Within the fitness world there is a common misconception that one of the most important macronutrients is an enemy we all need to avoid and that is carbohydrates. In fact there are so many myths circling the idea of low carb diets in order to avoid ‘putting on extra fat’ that products like the Atkins […]

1711, 2017

Staying Motivated Over The Christmas Period

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Here at Fitness Training Solutions we recognise how much of struggle it can be to stay on track when the mince pies come out of the cupboard. After all, one of the most bought seasonal presents is chocolate! In order to give you that little helping hand we have decided to put together some of […]

1011, 2017

Should You Do Cardio or Weights First?

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Here at Fitness Training Solutions we are asked on a regular basis whether you should be prioritising cardio training or weight lifting at the very beginning of your workouts. After all, if you don’t have time to split the days you attend the gym it is expected that you will try to fit both aspects […]

1011, 2017

Benefits of a Personal Training Career

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Statistics state that around 70% of workers do not like or enjoy their job. In fact, over 60% of these are often too afraid to make a career that could truly reshape their life once and for all. Here at Fitness Training Solutions we are committed to helping regular people with an interest in the […]

711, 2017

How to Run in the Cold

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If you are new to the world of running, you may be yet to discover how different it is in the summer than it is to running in the winter. After all, when it gets colder there are many new things to take into consideration, aside from the fact that it’s likely to be a […]

211, 2017

How to Treat Post Gym Hair

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Depending on the intensity of your workout, it is not uncommon to find that you return from the gym with sweaty and untamed hair that is in some serious need of a helping hand. In fact, despite what you may have been previously told, washing after every single gym session is not the best solution […]

2710, 2017

Why You Aren’t Getting Stronger

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Aside from building muscle it seems that the people of the fitness world are also obsessed with strength. Whether you’re talking about how much weight you can lift in the gym or your ability to reorganise a room, our strength and how we can optimise it is something that is quite important. Unfortunately, far too […]

2710, 2017

Most Famous Male Athletes in the World

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When you are on your own fitness journey it is not uncommon to find inspiration in other individuals. After all, they have achieved a lot in their lifetime and we often wish to do the same. Take some of the famous athletes in the world; from the Olympics to other competitive sports they are definitely […]