Boxing Instructor Courses

An approach to fitness that provides a popular and effective addition to the personal trainers’ skill set.


Boxing Instructor TrainingBoxing classes have become widespread across gyms and outdoor parks across the UK. It’s a combat style fitness training that appeals to an increasing number of clients, therefore, making Boxing Instructor courses the ideal tool. There will be a number of skills to learn and it is a great way to train all of the main components of fitness including cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, motor skills and coordination.

During our Boxing Instructor Courses, you will have a tutor on hand to support and guide you through the day and by the end of the fitness course, you will know why you chose the FTS Boxing Instructor Training course. We also have various other personal training courses on our website so check them out too and see what you think!

  • Introduction to Boxing Instructor Courses
  • Boxing Equipment
  • Injury Prevention
  • Stance, guard and footwork
  • Punching technique and pad work
  • Pad work (basic combinations)
  • Effective use of other boxing equipment
  • Session planning


Total Cost: £150

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The boxing instructor courses assessment will take place over the course of the day. All students will be required to demonstrate competence in the criteria based on the learning aims of the day.

Module Overview

One day face-to-face learning (a mixture of theory and practical)

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