And so will you when you pass Fitness Training Solutions personal trainer courses.

Do you watch Britain’s Got Talent? If you do, then you may remember the epic dance group who took the show by storm and went on to win Britain’s Got Talent back in 2009, but it looks like their skills go beyond dancing…

Dance member Terry Smith has taking his happy feet talent further and into personal training. Actually, we may as well tell you. He recently passed his theory exams and he’s currently doing his personal trainer courses with us. His health and fitness knowledge is exceptional, which is more than we can say about our dancing skills! Smith was that pleased with Fitness Training Solutions that he managed to find time in his busy schedule to drop us a kind worded tweet!

Cheers Terry!

Of course, we’ll keep you posted with how the dancing champ is getting on with his course, but if you too would like to step into our world and you’ve already done you research into the various personal trainer courses, then get in touch with Fitness Training Solutions today. Our diverse range of courses means there is something for everyone. So whichever sector of the health and fitness industry you want to have a career in, get in touch with the industry professionals here at Fitness Training Solutions and we’ll point you in the right direction, giving you the advice needed to succeed.