Here at Fitness Training Solutions we are asked on a regular basis whether you should be prioritising cardio training or weight lifting at the very beginning of your workouts. After all, if you don’t have time to split the days you attend the gym it is expected that you will try to fit both aspects into a single session. There is a lot of speculation regarding the topic and many fitness professionals often disagree since the principle is based upon personal preference. Read on to find out where the Fitness Training Solutions team stands…

The General Opinion

Most professionals and weight lifters can agree that lifting weights is one of the most challenging aspects of fitness and will definitely take a lot out of you during your workout. Due to this it makes sense to apply this kind of training at the start of your session when you have most energy otherwise cardio will cause you to use up a lot of energy and you won’t lift the weights as efficiently as you could have done.

Remember Your Goals

With this said it is important that you take into consideration your fitness goals as it may not be beneficial for you to follow suit with what everybody else is doing. For example, if you are training for a marathon then it does not make sense for you to focus all of your energy on weight training when your real challenge is building up stamina. On the other hand, you may be training for a body building competition which means that cardio will be the last thing on your mind. Of course, it will still be necessary for generalised fitness however it is not a priority that matches your goals. Due this information it is vital that you specialise your gym time so that it coincides with what you want to achieve.

When it comes to fitness, the team here at FTS are committed to ensuring that you get the best out of everything the industry has to offer, including our gym instructor courses. After all, to be a good personal trainer it is important that you are able to help clients consistently meet their goals on the gym floor. To find out more information, contact a member of the Fitness Training Solutions team today!