Do you grab a can of diet coke to clench your thirst? It’s satisfying and guilt free isn’t it? We don’t want to dampen the mood here, but the no-calorie drink may be adding secret, unwanted weight to the waistline. Of course, diet coke is never going to be 100% healthy for you as you’re probably already aware and you won’t need to learn this in the personal training courses, but the marketing strap line for the no calorie fizzy drink has lured consumers into false belief.

Dieters are eager to swap a full fat drink to a diet one instead, to help drop the pounds. However, recent research has discovered that low-calorie fizzy drinks such as diet coke are actually expanding the waistline instead of slimming it and the team here at Fitness Training Solutions aren’t too shocked about this. There is more to take into consideration other than drinking diet coke or an equivalent low-calorie fizzy drink. These include how often you drink these drinks, what your overall diet is like and how much exercise you do. Once you become a health and fitness professional from passing our personal training courses, you’ll be able to freely and professionally advice your clients on their diet and take into consideration every ounce of their diet.

Drinking a can of diet coke or other fizzy drinks here and there will not harm your body and increase your waistline dramatically overnight, but drinking them on a regular basis by the gallon will. It’s difficult to swap a fizzy drink for water, as it would be if you were to swap oven or deep-fried chips with homemade ones, but you’ll have the skills and talent to successfully decide whether your clients should crack open a can of diet coke or leave it for another day. So don’t weight (see what we did there?) around and register with Fitness Training Solutions personal training courses today!