It is easy to get into a regular exercise schedule during summer when the nights are lighter and the weather is warmer however as soon as winter comes around it is not uncommon for people to completely abandon their routine. Those who decide to stick with it however will have to face the brutality of the cold and the dangers it can pose to your health. Here is everything you should be aware of…

The Cause

Illness is spread through bacteria and viruses and these germs are able to survive in a range of obscure places for many days. If a pathogen is able to enter your body it is very likely to make you ill. Of course winter brings about a change of temperature and many people end up succumbing to illness during the season.

The Impact of the Cold

Some believe that the cold weather can actually kick start the immune system and prevent illnesses from taking over however it is often that winter is the cause of many illnesses in the first place. This is because the cold air causes your blood vessels to narrow and dry out and the lack of mucus here means you are left defenceless.


If you are an avid runner regardless of the weather then it is important to know what measures you need to take in order to keep warm and dry. The first layer you put on should be synthetic fabric that dries quickly, followed by a warm jacket and a waterproof coat. By applying all of these you can make sure that you stay warm and illnesses free during the colder months. Make sure that you also wear correct footwear that is suitable for running in snow or icy conditions.

Here at Fitness Training Solutions it is important that a personal trainer is able to help clients train in all kinds of weather. After all, the UK is known for its ever-changing temperature which means that blizzards of snow and ice could appear overnight. Luckily our personal training courses teach you everything you should ever need to know! To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the Fitness Training Solutions team today!