For some people the thought of their partner seeing them sweaty and red faced is terrifying. They think that they look unattractive, not sexy. The truth is, when you’ve just completed a work out is when you’re most attractive. You’ve shown determination, stamina, drive, you’ve carried on cycling or rowing or lifting those weights even when you felt like your whole body was on fire. You’re sweating, your hair is stuck to your forehead. . . but you’re glowing. No, it’s not a cliché. It’s real. And what makes it even better is, if your other half likes a good gym shred too. After all, couples who train together, stay together.

There’s a constant supply of support from an equally enthusiastic gym buddy especially if that gym buddy is your boyfriend or girlfriend. They know how important it is to you to feel as though you’re doing well, to feel as though all the sweat is worth it. They’ll push you, encourage you, tell you you’re doing great, because they love you and want you to succeed. It’s the same with any hobby or goal, your partner should support you and when they do, you feel as though you can do anything.

There’s always someone to spot you if you train with your partner. You know too that they will take it seriously, because they’re into fitness too and they know how important it is to have a good spotter especially if you’re new to a piece of equipment or weight bracket. If your partner is more experience than you, they can help you out with your posture or your routine when it comes to new equipment. It all helps.

You want to spend time together as a couple, but sometimes bars and clubs and trips to the cinema get boring. If you want to lose weight or simply get fit then the gym is the perfect date for couples who want to train together. Sweating is sexy too, especially if it’s the kind of sweat coming from someone who really pushes themselves and never gives up. There’s absolutely no need to be embarrassed either, because once you’re partner is done spotting you or helping you they’ll be sweating themselves soon enough. Once you get into the habit of boosting each other, they’ll be no nagging either or guilty feelings when you feel like being lazy. The both of you will want to go to the gym and not stay at home.

There’ll be less fights – in theory – because you’ll both be releasing your daily stress in a positive way, plus all the endorphins involved with working out will give you both that happy feeling. Cheat day will be more fun too, because the pair of you can tuck into that sinful food knowing full well that tomorrow it’s back to the gym. There really is nothing as attractive as someone who values their life and their body, and who looks after themselves. Nobody should make you feel greedy or bad for enjoying food, but there should be a balance. If your partner is a gym bunny but you aren’t, you can still work out with them; who knows, you might be a gym bunny yourself after not too long.

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