How are your dancing skills? Do you like to jive whilst working-out? Do you prefer exercising to music, pod casts or in silence? Do you prefer to exercise on your own or as part of a group? If you tick the following boxes:

  • Have exceptional dancing skills
  • Jive whilst exercising
  • Enjoy listening to music whilst exercising
  • Prefer to exercise in a group based environment
  • Have a passion for health and fitness
  • A motivated individual

Then you should book yourself onto our Level 2 Exercise to Music Course today.

Here at Fitness Training Solutions, we have a range of fitness instructor courses available, all of which can interlink with each other. So don’t subject yourself to completing just one of our courses, why not combine group-fitness and personal training courses together? In our industry, it’s important not to restrict your skill set and qualifications. To succeed in this industry, you must be willing to take things to the next level, just as you’d expect your clients to take their fitness to the next level.

It will avoid you doing the same thing every day and give the opportunity to explore new techniques, keeping your clients entertained and motivated.

Take the chance and book yourself onto our Level 2 Exercise to Music Course today, or contact Fitness Training Solutions for more information about our personal training courses. Don’t miss out on our exclusive January offers!