It’s hard not to put tennis puns in our blogs, so expect a few more of them to come over the next few weeks whilst Wimbledon is on! You may remember we told you about Andy Murray’s training regime in our last blog, well today we’re going to give you an insight to tennis player Caroline Wozniacki’s daily diet.

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In a recent interview, Wozniacki claimed that she more or less eats what she wants because of her high exercise training plan. Just for the record, her training plan includes playing tennis for four hours a day and a strengthening session at the gym. Her diet is a balanced one and when she says she eats what she wants she isn’t referring to eating chips, burgers and cakes on a regular basis! So don’t go getting your hopes up! Wozniacki’s dietary foods mainly include consuming carbs which is vital for her heavy training regime, high protein including chicken and steak, and of course veg. The only thing the tennis star doesn’t eat is seafood. Caroline Wozniacki is 5ft10 and weighs on average 10 stone, which is a healthy weight to be.

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