Circuit Training Courses

Circuit training is by far one of the most popular fitness classes and fitness regimes, and for any personal trainer having the qualifications from the Level 2 Circuit Training courses will take your career to the next stage.

Circuit training carries numerous benefits and is the perfect fitness class for those looking to lose weight, tone up and build muscle. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to show off your skills and deliver exercise sets that will benefit everyone taking part in the class, and our Level 2 Circuit Training courses will give you the chance to do just this. Your body will get the full workout that it deserves and you can make sure this happens!

This type of fitness classes consists of various workout stations, all with a different form of exercise attached to it. It could involve weight based exercising, abs exercises, upper body and lower body exercises. There is so much potential with circuit training and the good thing about it is that every class can be different, so your participants won’t get bored. The rule of the game is that you have a set time to complete the workout station, before moving onto the next one and so on until you reach the end of the circuit, and have a short rest before beginning again. Of course, the more people that turn up, the more stations you will have to put out, but these classes normally last 45 to 60 minutes, so it’s up to you how you design the class.

During the Level 2 Circuit Training courses, you will be taught how to effectively design these fitness classes and gain an immense amount of knowledge to offer a variation of workout stations. By combining weight training with cardiovascular exercises, it makes the circuit training even more beneficial.

Participants will gain higher muscle volume through resistance training and an improved body definition, whilst burning high calories and increasing your overall fitness levels. What’s not to love about circuit training? The Level 2 Circuit Training courses are the perfect companion for the Level 3 personal trainer courses! Don’t you agree?