Don’t sit down and weight around

You’ve probably heard about the controversial, former Apprentice contestant Katie Hopkins’ new reality TV show “My Fat Story” and if like us it’s riled you up, you’ll understand why.

No one understands the importance of health and fitness more than Fitness Training Solutions, so when we hear people like Katie Hopkins criticising overweight people, we thought we’d better step in and take a stand. Now there are many flaws in her documentary, as it doesn’t portray an accurate account of the lifestyle of an overweight individual, it’s merely an assumption and a harsh opinion. One of the things we teach in our personal trainer courses is to never make assumptions about a client and take time to understand who they are, what their lifestyle is, and the reasons behind wanting to achieve their goals.

There are various factors into why people are overweight, which unfortunately, Hopkins failed to take into consideration. Firstly, there could be medical reasons behind weight gain; it could be the cost of buying healthy food including fresh fruit and veg, which can be difficult when feeding a family, it could be inherited or it could be down to a person’s working lifestyle. The list is endless. We do agree with her that people should take responsibility for their health, which is why our industry is screaming out for more fitness professionals, hence our range of personal trainer courses, but you should never judge a book by its cover Katie.

Anyone who is aiming to gain an immense amount of weight in a short space of time like Hopkins did will feel a slight sense of depression and although part of this could be down to your body adapting to the new foods, it’s also psychological as your aim goal is to put on weight and you’ll see it happen quickly. Katie Hopkins piled on over three stone in just three months after consuming 6,500 calories per day, which isn’t healthy and something that we do not recommend. Taking her calorie intake into account, this isn’t an accurate consumption for an overweight person; it’s simply one person aiming to put on three stone in three months. Her aim was to show others how easy and quick it is to lose the weight. Sadly, after three months your body hasn’t fully adapted to the weight gain and high food consumption, so the chances of you losing the weight as quickly as you put it on is high Katie.

Hopkins blamed overweight people being the weight that they are, which should be taken with a pinch of salt (no pun intended). As we mentioned before, there are various reasons behind a person’s weight and yes we should all be responsible for our health and put some time into improving it, even slim, healthy people, but they shouldn’t be part of a hate campaign.

Losing weight isn’t as easy as it sounds. Everyone’s body reacts differently; some people can lose the pounds easier than others, but it’s something that should be done properly and in a healthy and controlled manner. If Katie Hopkins’ controversial documentary has inspired you to put a stop to hate crime against overweight people and you want to help people achieve their health goals, just book onto our personal training courses today.