Personal Training Courses

It’s natural that people would rather have a quick fix for weight loss and result to cutting meals out, or eating next to nothing in order to drop a size. We all know that this is against the dietary rules and people need to adapt their lifestyle to accommodate to their weight loss plan. This should include a tailored healthy meal plan, regular exercise and a food diary. It’s important that your clients are keeping a record of what they’re eating, but you’ll learn more about this in our personal trainer courses.

Personal Training Courses

Research found that skipping meals can cause your body to gain weight instead of losing it. When your body goes into fasting mode it looks for other sources in order to get its energy. These can include restoring your muscles into fat, increasing your stomach fat and causing higher levels of glucose to flow around your bloodstream. Therefore, it results in additional sugar molecules to be stored as fat and triggering a higher level of fat to be stored around the middle of your body (waistline). So all in all, it has the opposite effect.

We all know that a healthy diet and exercise goes hand in hand for weight loss, and as fitness professionals it can get frustrating when we see or hear people dramatically reducing their calorie intake. This is why it is important for people whose goal it is to lose weight seek advice from a health and fitness professional. Our industry is crying out for more professionals to join them and you can make your first step with by registering onto our personal trainer courses.

Fitness Training Solutions have a team of fully qualified professionals on board to help guide you through the personal trainer courses and ensure that you’re on the road to receiving the qualifications needed to become a success. If you are looking to book onto one of our personal trainer courses, it’s advisable to further expand your skill set and knowledge by registering on FTS’ Level 3 Nutrition courses.

Personal Trainer Courses

This will mean that you’ll be able to successful and more effectively train your clients, as well as create tailored eating plans to coincide with their goals. It will have a positive impact on your career.

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