Exercising and keeping fit is one thing, but ensuring you have the right diet is something else. You can exercise one hour every day and only see minor results, but why? Are you eating the right foods? Are you burning calories so you can eat what you want? It’s inevitable that exercise and dieting go hand in hand, but only if it’s done in the correct manner.

Dieting is challenging and it takes determination to stick at it. Unfortunately, the media is constantly feeding us with fad diets and “quick fixes” in order to drop the pounds for instant results. As health professionals, you’ll know that this isn’t the case or safe to do. It can have long-term harmful and damaging effects on your body. This is why more Nutritional specialists are on demand to provide safe, healthy and effective dietary plans to suit their clients’ goals.

Passing personal trainer courses is fantastic, but why stop there? Your main role as a personal trainer is to guide your clients into achieving their health and fitness goals, through exercise. But what about through dieting, are you fully qualified to advice your clients on what they should or shouldn’t eat, or plan a dietary plan for them?

Every client will have their own dietary needs whether it’s to lose weight, gain weight, build muscle or they’re simply training for a big event such as a marathon. Of course, when planning a diet plan for your clients you have to take into consideration specific dietary requirements such as allergies, or medical conditions.

Fitness Training Solutions offers a professional and leading Level 3 Award in Nutrition and Physical Activity course, which will give you the correct knowledge to effectively plan out your clients dietary needs combined with exercise. The nutritional course will cover the following:

  • Psychology of Eating
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Using Food Diaries
  • Dietary Analysis
  • Calculating Energy Values of Food
  • Planning Balanced Diets
  • Weight Management Programmes

Remember, the majority of gym members have one goal in mind, to lose weight. So as a professional and successful personal trainer, having the nutritional qualifications in your basket will give your career a significant boost.

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