We all enjoy indulging in sinful foods from time to time, but did you know that you can still enjoy these foods (within reason) and not feel guilty about it? Of course you’ll learn more about food groups and swapping sinful favourites with a healthier option on our Level 3 Nutrition Courses.

We read an article recently that some indulgent foods carry various health benefits – when consumed moderately, so don’t go crazy with them! These foods include steak, fries, peanut butter and chocolate. It’s always advisable during, and once you’ve completed, the Gym Instructor courses to have a healthy (no pun intended) amount knowledge about food.

So here are a handful of sinful foods that you can tuck into and enjoy all the health benefits included.

Gym Instructor coursesChocolate; everyone’s favourite snack treat. Now we all know that a few squares of dark chocolate are good for you and here’s why. It contains cacao which carries nutrients, antioxidants and phenethylamine – the source of making you feel elated, love, as well as magnesium and iron. When buying dark chocolate, make sure you look for bars that have a high cocoa content. Imagine telling your clients this after you’ve qualified from the Level 3 Nutrition Course? They will love you!





Gym Instructor coursesPeanut Butter; runners’ favourite food to consume during training and on race days. Everyone can enjoy the benefits that peanut butter carries such as high levels of protein and potassium. This will help reduce blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. As well as this, peanut butter is fantastic for anyone looking to increase their fibre and healthy fats intake. This favourable food source also contains magnesium to fortify bones and muscles, Vitamin E and anti-oxidants. Phew! There’s quite a lot of goodness in peanut butter, but make sure you buy jars that contain 100% whole nuts.





Level 3 Nutrition coursesSteak; who doesn’t love a good steak? It’s so satisfying and one the meat treats that everyone should enjoy from time to time. Of course, grilling the steak is healthier than frying it, plus there is a lot of protein in this cut of meat which is a great source for those looking to build lean muscle and increase their metabolism. Make sure you get a good cut of steak such as an eye fillet and from a reliable source such a butcher – the best meats come from here! Speaking of building lean muscle, our Gym Instructor courses will give you the skills and knowledge to successfully help fitness enthusiasts build on their strength, muscles and body definition.


Level 3 Nutrition coursesFries; this one is simple. Oven cooked fries with seasoning, preferably sweet potato fries for more nutrients, Vitamin C and magnesium.





So enjoy indulging foods and use FTS’s Gym Instructor courses and Level 3 Nutrition courses knowledge to broaden your knowledge on foods. It’s an attractive skill and insight knowledge to have for training your clients to achieve their goals.