Exercise Referral Course

Aimed at qualified fitness professionals who wish to learn how to provide assistance/ advice and design exercise programs for people with certain medical conditions whose health is put at risk.



Learners will cover:

Knowledge and understanding relating to the qualification

  • The heart, circulatory system, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, endocrine system, and energy systems and their relation to exercise and health. Posture and core stability.
  • How to collect and use information relating to nutrition.
  • The relationship between nutrition and physical activity, the principles and guidelines relating to nutrition and nutritional goal setting with clients, and the nationally recommended practice to provide nutritional advice.
  • The principles of collecting information to plan an exercise referral course program, the principles of risk stratification in exercise referral and the principles and procedures of record keeping.
  • How to identify goals with exercise referral course patients and instruct, adapt, and review exercise session with these patients. How to plan, prepare, monitor and adapt an exercise referral course program with patients and understand the importance of long term behaviour change for these patients.
  • The current healthcare systems in the UK, the exercise referral process, the roles and responsibilities of the professional within an exercise referral scheme and the role and importance of exercise referral, related policies and key documents.
  • The concept of a patient centered approach.
  • The clinical features of medical conditions relevant to exercise referral course programs, the relationship between exercise and specified exercise referral medical conditions, the accepted methods for treatment/ management of medical conditions relevant to exercise referral course programs and how to program safe, effective exercise programs for patients with specified exercise referral course medical conditions.

Fee: £490


  • Coursework
  • Portfolio of evidence
  • Practical demonstration/assignment
  • Practical examination


  • Level 4 Certificate in Weight Management for Individuals with Obesity, Diabetes Mellitus and/or Metabolic Syndrome.
  • Any other Level 4 specialist qualifications.

Skills relating to the qualification

  • Collect and analyse nutritional information and apply the principles of nutrition to a physical activity program.
  • Collect information about exercise referral patients and prepare patients and resources for exercise referral sessions.
  • Instruct, adapt, conclude and review exercise referral sessions. Agree goals, plan, manage, review progress and adapt an exercise referral program with exercise referral patients.

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