Taking part in a workout is difficult enough without having to compete with an illness at the same time. Some people take the occurrence of illness as an excuse to skip a few workouts whilst others push through the worst in order to stick to their goals. Whichever category you fall into, the team here at Fitness Training Solutions know how tiresome working out can be when you don’t feel 100% so we’ve put together a blog on the topic…

Changing Your Routine
If you feel like you’re about to be hit with a bout of cold or flu but it hasn’t exactly arrived yet then you are able to continue exercising as long as you limit what you do to suit your energy levels. It is important that you cut back if you feel worse after your workout and consider taking a few days off if you get any worse.

Sweating It Out
The term ‘sweating it out’ has been related to the flu where those bedridden are advised to get their sweat on in order to flush out the toxins making them ill however if you are unquestionably fatigued, you should take the time to recover and not do this. Exercising in this condition will prolong your suffering and your body won’t be able to return to its healthy state.

Above the Neck, Below the Neck
The general rule with illness and exercise is dependent on where your symptoms present. If you have a runny nose, cough or can’t stop sneezing, working out shouldn’t be too hard on you, however, symptoms that present below the neck like muscle aches, discomfort and an unsettled stomach means that exercise should be avoided until you have recovered.

Here at Fitness Training Solutions, we like to educate our readers on every aspect of illness and since the average person will succumb to a bug around 3 times a year, it’s only right to know how your exercise could be impacted. Check out our personal training courses and speak to a member of the team to find out more information today!