Working out is not supposed to be a fashion show. Whether you’re a newbie or a long time fitness fanatic, comfort and injury prevention are the main priorities when finding the perfect footwear for your workouts.

Cross Country

If you’re thinking of trying out cross country, staying upright during your sprint is an obvious goal. This can be achieved with studs or spikes in the bottom of specially designed footwear. With a more flexible spike plate than you’ll find on the track equivalent, the underfoot will feel more comfortable on the uneven ground of a cross country course compared to a track course.

Jogging and Running

Before purchasing shoes for jogging and running, it is best to determine whether you fall into the normal arch, high arch or flat foot category. By knowing this kind of information, you can buy the perfect footwear that will offer optimum injury prevention.

For the best support, running footwear with the following tend to be suitable for most runners:

  • Flexibility in the necessary places – allows the foot and ankle to move in the correct placements from heel to toe.
  • Stability – if you feel your foot slipping or bending to the side mid-run, it is likely that your chosen footwear isn’t offering adequate support.
  • Traction on roads and trails – there’s nothing worse than heading out for an early morning run and having to turn back because your footwear doesn’t have enough grip for safety.

Weight lifting

Cushion-soled footwear (the common choice for walking, running or hiking) tend to make poor companions for lifting weights. Footwear worn during the above activities are designed to absorb shock and impact however lifters need to create a strong stable base as this allows the glutes and hamstrings to work more effectively. If you’re looking to venture into the weight room, you should choose footwear with hard soles for complete stability, good traction to avoid slipping and a shoe that offers a perfect fit.

Personal trainers tend to meet clients with the wrong footwear for the exercise they desire. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to show them the right path? Start one of Fitness Training Solutions’ personal training courses today!