August is already waiting for us just around the corner, and that means two very important things: first of all, the summer is coming to an end and, secondly, the football season is almost upon us once again. It seems just like Chelsea were lifting the Premier League trophy only yesterday, but clubs all over the world are now completing their pre-season tours in preparation for a brand new league season.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Sunday League footballer, a five-a-side goalkeeper or a Premier League star- everyone involved in football needs to make sure they’re in top shape once the season starts again.

Football requires a great deal of stamina, pace and strength in order for players to hit their top form- as playing for a full 90 minutes can prove incredibly gruelling if you’re even just a little out of shape. So the team here at Fitness Training Solutions thought we’d give you some quick tips on making sure you’re fit for football, so that you can have a season to remember…

  • Treat Your Achilles Heel

Due to the nature of the game, football can be a little heavy on the ankles, and the last thing you want to do is end up spraining one and missing a load of matches. We recommend doing ankle weights on a regular basis, as this will not only help you to prevent injury, but will also strengthen the muscles to improve your agility and footwork. These exercises could start with you standing on tip toe and slowly lowering yourself onto your ankles over and over again- but ideally you want to be using weights to really tighten them up.


  • Stamina Is Key

Every single amateur footballer has been there. There’s just nothing worse than being out of action for a while and, on returning to the beautiful game, finding that you’re out of breath after a couple of short sprints. Stamina is key to becoming a successful footballer, and so you need to make sure you’ve built this up during pre-season, otherwise you’ll be severely lacking in match fitness. We recommend getting on the treadmill as often as you can, while steadily increasing the length of your run as you feel yourself getting stronger.


  • Diet Of A Champion

We know that you probably love a greasy slice of pizza every now and again- and there’s nothing wrong with the occasional treat- but you really need to keep an eye on what you’re eating in the build up to a full season. Exercise and a healthy diet will obviously combine to get in the best shape possible, while foods high in vitamins and energy are always crucial to staying on form throughout 90 minutes.

Foods that are also high in protein are always incredibly popular with footballers- and diets heavy on pasta and chicken are always in abundance. The most important thing is to maintain a balanced diet with a strong mixture of protein and carbohydrates to get you ready to become a champion.

If you want to take the next step in your fitness regime, then why not check out the incredible range of personal trainer courses we have available! Contact us today if you’d like any more information!