As well as providing our students with high quality personal training courses, Fitness Training Solutions aims to help all of our students as much as possible in finding employment after they have achieved their qualifications.

We’ll give every newly qualified personal trainer a chance to be interviewed by some reputable employers. Now remember this will be just an interview and not a guaranteed job, but it’s your foot in the door and a possible new start to a prosperous career. We’ll help you prepare for the interview and ensure that you’re using your knowledge and skills picked up from the personal training courses to make a positive impression, as well as encouraging you to use your own personal experiences. Fitness Training Solutions has two different personal training studios available that are always requesting new applicants from newly qualified trainers.

Fitness Training Solutions aren’t just here for personal training courses and other fitness and gym instructor courses, we’re here to help you with employment after. We like to keep long-lasting relationships with our students and we’ll always keep our door open for you. Achieving your qualifications is just the beginning; there are more fitness and gym instructor courses that you could book on to which can help build your existing qualifications and portfolio.

If you’re considering a career in health and fitness, or you’re currently booked onto one of our Personal Training Courses and want to learn more about how to get employment once qualified, get in touch with the FTS team today.