Some people love going to the gym whilst others find it the most difficult conversation they will ever have with themselves. After all, the last thing that people want to do after a hard day at work is spend an hour in the gym too. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, gym etiquette is something that everyone should be able to carry out. In this blog we are going to go over some of the most important aspects so you know what exactly is and isn’t expected when you step inside the gym…


  • When you go to the gym you should accept that you will get sweaty, warm and feel un attractive. After all, it isn’t a fashion show. Despite this, many people will come to the gym in un-appropriate clothing and attempt to complete a worthwhile workout. One thing that you should always do is make sure that your outfit is suitable.
  • After using the free weights it is expected of you to replace them where they belong for the next person to use. If you complete your matt work out then leave your equipment on the floor it not only causes a safety hazard but is disrespectful to the establishment.


  • The gym is not a social space and it shouldn’t be treated like one. Whilst it is perfectly acceptable to come to the gym with a friend, you should not spend the whole time having a catch up since it is not respectful of the other people trying to complete a work out. Similarly, the same rules apply to using your mobile phone as this can be just as distracting.
  • Sometimes people can feel self-conscious in the gym, especially if they are new to the environment which is why you should make sure that you don’t stare or watch people without their permission. Not only can it make people feel uncomfortable, it can make things awkward. If you want to check out how someone is carrying out a particular exercise, try asking them if they mind you watching them for a minute.

The reason that gym etiquette exists is to respect the other people who are also attending the gym alongside you and whilst not everyone will abide by the unspoken rules, it is best to ensure that you do in order to avoid confrontation or becoming the person nobody is particularly fond of. If you’re interested in our gym instructor courses, speak to a member of the Fitness Training Solutions team today!