It turns out that health and fitness has been one of the most popular choices in the digital age, as it’s helped produce some of the most popular mobile phone and smart device apps of 2014. In fact, it’s been the fastest growing app category of the year. Even mobile phones are looking out for your well-being!

There are popular apps that the majority of people will own whether they’re a health and fitness enthusiast or not, these include MyFitnessPal being the most popular and Nike+. It has been reported that there are now 100,000 health and fitness apps available for iOS and Android devices, which has doubled in the last two years.

The mobile app market for health and fitness is currently worth around $4b and by 2017, it’s predicted to be worth $26b. Not bad going is it? Unfortunately, the only mobile app that you can’t get are personal trainer courses ones, but you need the expertise of a professional and for it to be hands on, as it’s very much a hands on job to pursue.

Health and fitness apps are great, but only to an extent. The help of a fitness professional is required at times to help manage your diet plan and your exercise regime. This is why more trained professionals like yourself are on demand. You have to remember that if people are serious and dedicated to hitting health and fitness goals, whether it’s to lose weight or build muscle, then they can’t rely solely on an app to do the work for them. If they’re going to invest in something, it should either be a gym facility or a trained professional. And if you too are dedicated in helping people achieve their health and fitness goals, as well as your own then our personal trainer courses are the one for you.

So why not get in touch with Fitness Training Solutions today for more information about our personal trainer courses?