We all love naughty food, more than we do healthy foods, it has to be said. But we can’t always give into temptation when we walk past a burger van, or see “treat” snacks on offer in the supermarket. As we get older, we understand more about the types of food that we should be eating and have the skills to rustle up home-cooked, healthy meals. Unfortunately, there are still a large proportion of families, young adults and older adults who, for whatever reason, are still opting for pre-cooked meals or quick and easy oven cooked foods.

The Labour party are pushing to put a cap on the levels of fat, salt and sugar on food marketed to children. They want to push for tougher tactics to overcome obesity and, although obesity levels in children have dropped, 15% of children under the age of 15 are classed as being obese. The pressures of living in a modern society include consuming large amounts of alcohol, eating too many sugary foods and smoking and all of these factors are having a strong negative impact on children. However, our personal training courses aren’t and more health professionals are required.

Fitness Training Solutions has a Level 3 Award in Nutrition and Physical Activity course available, and for those who are passionate about making a difference to how we eat, and what we should be doing to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this is the ideal fitness course.

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