What do you do to advertise your personal trainer services? Do you keep your friends on Facebook, and followers on Twitter and Instagram updated with your progress during the personal training courses? If not, maybe you should – it’s free advertising after all.

Once you become a fully qualified personal trainer, you become a businessman/woman. You need to sell your services to attract new clients and keep your existing ones. They need to know why they should choose you as their personal trainer. People talk, and if your clients are seeing results then their friends and family will too – and whose name will pop up in conversation? Yours, of course, so why let all the hard work from the personal training courses go to waste?

We read recently in the media about how a personal trainer advertised her services and how she is now one of the most publicised and on-demand trainers of today. The Australian personal trainer advertised her services on Instagram by posting photos of her clients’ progression and transformations – with their consent of course. She gained over one million followers and now has people travelling from all over the world all wanting to experience her services. You have to remember that this personal trainer is more than likely to have the same qualifications as you and completed similar personal training courses as you, so there’s really nothing stopping you from doing the same!

It’s something to think about and like we said, social media provides free advertising and word of mouth is so powerful. So, make sure you post about your progression during the personal training courses with Fitness Training Solutions, and get a marketing and business strategy sorted for when you have successfully achieved your qualifications.